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General services

Arborescence offers information, workshops, tools and support to encourage the well-being of friends and family members of a person living with mental health issues.

Help, information, referrals

Our information and referral helpline is open to everyone. We’ll offer an empathetic ear, give you information on mental health disorders, provide referrals to other health and community resources and explain the services we offer. If you’re in crisis, we’ll refer you to an appropriate partner organization, such as a crisis centre. We can provide medium- and long-term counselling to help you navigate your relationships with friends or family members.

If you’d like to learn more about our services, we invite you to attend one of our information sessions. Afterwards, if you wish to continue with Arborescence, we’ll schedule a meeting to assess your situation. One of our workers will then recommend the service (or combination of services) that would best meet your needs.

Free and confidential

Counselling for individuals, couples and families

Arborescence members have access to personalized, one-on-one, couple or family counselling sessions with a psychosocial worker. Counselling sessions allow members to take a step back regarding the situation they are in and to review their perspective about themselves and the future. These counselling sessions also allow friends and family members to identify their own needs, the strengths of their loved one and to explore different options to facilitate their day-to-day reality. Focused on the empowerment, counselling sessions allows participants to develop tools to face their situation in a healthier way and to regain their place in the relationship with their loved one.

Support group

Support groups offer a safe space for participants to share about their experience or about difficult situations. The goal is to encourage the mutual help between the participants and to help them feel less isolated. Co-animated by a psychosocial worker and a Family Peer Support Worker, the support groups really emphasizes on sharing experiences. Support groups are offered to members only.

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Our public conferences aim to share up to date information about different subjects related to the reality of friends and family members of a person living with mental health issues. These activities can take the form of a discussion about a suggested theme, discussions following the presentation of an informative video, or even testimonies. Conferences are free and offered to everyone.

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