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Discover mental health training offer for community organizations! 

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Our mental health training program is specifically designed to offer you the tools needed to better intervene with the mental health issues that your clientele can be facing and to meet their needs. Our training program helps you to: gain a better understanding of what mental health is; grasp its potential challenges; develop appropriate relational strategies; and take care of yourself. Ultimately, the concept of caregiving to loved ones is a central element in all of our training workshops.

What is mental health and what are the different mental health disorders? What are the impacts on the friends and family members of a person living with mental health issues?


This training aims to offer you basic knowledge about a specific mental health disorder and to allow you to identify its early signs and the impacts it can have on the people surrounding the person living with the mental health disorder. How to develop healthy relational strategies will also be discussed in these training workshops. You can chose a mental health disorder between the following options:

  • Borderline personality disorder

  • Bipolar disorders

  • Anxiety

  • Psychosis

  • Depressive disorders

What mental health issues are related to aging and autonomy loss? This training will allow you to understand the risk and protection factors for a balanced mental health, as well as exploring some intervention strategies.


This training’s goal is to offer knowledge about mental health issues in young people by recognizing risk factors and manifestations of mental health disorders. This training workshop also explores the caregiving role that some young people can take and how it can affect their wellbeing. Strategies to adopt a healthy caregiving role will also be discussed.

A training that offers theoretical and practical knowledge about burn out in the communitary workplace, that stimulates reflections and the development of strategies about the importance of self care.

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