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Arborescence offers training and support services to managers and human resources professionals, to help them better deal with psychological difficulties in the workplace.For more details see ourcomplete catalog of services, offered in conjunction withAx ConsultingL.

Discover our services and download the rates for NPOs and OCs

Discover our services and download the prices for public and professional organizations, and private companies

Approximate annual costs related to mental health in the workplace are significant


$ for the Canadian economy each year


of the payroll for Quebec companies

of long-term disability claims are related to mental health. 

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Happy employees have productivity 31% higher.

An average yield of$2.18for every dollar invested in mental health programs in place since 3 years or more.


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managers and human resources professionals so that they canbetter deal with psychological health at workOur services cover a variety of topics:e mental health in general to specific problems such as anxiety, burnout or personality disorder.


Click here to consult our complete catalog of services, offered jointly with Ax Conseil.

contact us to find out more about our various services: conferences, training and personalized support.

Do you think that one of your employees is in psychological distress? You don't know how to react to the situation or what to do? You are not alone!
Of all people who left their job in 2021, departures for mental health reasons represented:



cases for millennials


cases for generation Z


cases for 

all generations


Happiness at work is important in many ways: 


Companies with happy employees outperform the competition

When employees are happy the burnout rate is reduced by



Research indicates that a relationship psychologically healthybetween manager and employee translates into a morepositive and leads to an increaseefficiency, productivity, loyalty and employee engagement.

However, psychological difficulties in the workplace can manifest themselves in a wide variety of ways and are sometimes more difficult to identify. They can take the form ofform of adversarial relationships, high absenteeism or low work engagement, to name a few.

How to recognize them and above all, how to deal with them?

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Thanks to our training or personalized support, you will acquire the necessary skills to: 

  • Recognize and identify the signs and impacts of difficulties in the workplace

  • Knowing how to adopt behaviors that facilitate entering into a relationship with a colleague in difficulty

  • Develop good relational practices promoting the bond of trust with the employee in difficulty

  • Acquire the ability to act in difficult relational situations with a collaborator

To learn more about our training and support services, we invite you to contact us. Together, we can develop a training plan that will allow you to have a positive impact on mental health in your organization. To consult our complete catalog of services, offered jointly with Ax Conseil, go to the bottom of the page.

A member of your team returns to work after a sick leave for mental health reasons. Wondering what are the best practices and steps to follow?

is the probability rate of relapse following a sick leave of a psychological nature.



an employee's average annual salary. This is what the financial loss of an employee corresponds to.


it is the less probability that a happy employee leaves his job compared to unhappy employees.

So you are wondering, what are the best practices and steps to follow?

  • Know how to adopt behaviors favoring the professional reintegration of the person concerned

  • Knowing how to develop a return plan 

  • Develop good relational practices that promote the bond of trust with the employee

  • Know how to support his collaborator by developing his professional flexibility, his collaboration and his understanding of the context

Discover our services and download the rates for NPOs and OCs

Discover our services and download the prices for public and private organizations and private companies

Assemblée Arborescence

Do you want to establish a culture of psychological and relational well-being within your organization? Do you want to implement benevolent management based on emotional and relational intelligence? 

At Arborescence, we have aecosystem view of mental health. It is not just the business of the individual in question. On the contrary,everyone has a role to play in his own psychological well-being and that of his colleagues. We believe in the unlimited potential of apsychologically healthy relational ecosystemto increase thetrust between individuals, fostering fulfillment at work and improving team spirit, which ultimately leads toincreased efficiency, productivity and employee loyalty.

Thanks to an approach combiningmanagement and psychoeducation, we contribute to creating a culture of psychological well-being in the workplace through recognized methods that target key players in the organization. Our goal is to train, equip and support managers and human resources professionals so that they can better deal with psychological health at work. 

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David Ford Johnson
Logo AMBASSADOR in health 2023

David Ford Johnson 
General manager
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Our director, David Ford Johnson is an ambassador for the "Groupe entreprise en santé" which supports leaders in building workplaces that promote health and well-being, thereby contributing to economic and societal development.

"I am passionate about psychological and relational well-being. Both in my private life and in my professional life, I am very interested in issues related to well-being. I think I'm a wellness ambassador in my life, and it just makes sense that I'm one at work too. A big thank you to Groupe Entreprise en Santé for this great opportunity to continue to promote well-being in the workplace."

Review the webinar "How to support an employee in psychological difficulty?", carried out in collaboration with groupe entreprise en santé. 


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