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Services to help caregivers through the crisis

Arborescence and Le Transit crisis center, two of Montreal's leading mental health organizations, are pooling their expertise to provide a continuum of psychosocial services to members of the entourage of people living with mental health issues and who are going through or experiencing a crisis situation. As part of this project, we offer several services.



Individual psychosocial support and assistance with legal procedures.


A series of workshops designed to help demystify crisis for loved ones and the person they are caring for. Using psycho-educational and interactive content, the workshops help loved ones recognize their emotional state, so they can better respond to and prevent crises.


Arborescence and Le Transit frequently organize conferences open to the general public, covering a variety of themes related to the caregiver crisis. These events include informative talks, testimonials and other interventions focused on this topic.

We are happy to introduce our two speakers for this service:

  • Elizabeth Pinault is a psychosocial worker at Arborescence, she has specialized training to assess and identify signs of distress in a caregiver. 

  • Isabelle Delpérier has 15 years of experience as a worker at the Le Transit Crisis Center. Specialized in this field, Isabelle is also an accredited trainer to provide provincial training on crisis intervention in the community 24/7.

Services offered by 

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