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Identification of emotions by an AI


The Arborescence team is involved in a research project funded by the Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Energy and supervised by the University of Montreal, allowing us to pair our services with a Montreal startup :EmoScians. As part of the project, EmoScienS offers its services free of charge in workplaces that have been selected to participate in the project, with the aim of increasing the emotional skills of employees. At the same time, Arborescence will offer its training and support services to managers and human resources professionals to increase their relational and psychological skills.

But concretely, what is this project?

EmoscienS deploys emotion detection software, which works with computer cameras, within the 5 companies. The following process follows:


  • 2 weeks of “onboarding” where you learn to use the software and where you learn to interpret the information it sends to participants on their emotional states 

  • As a result of this, one gets its dashboard which shows the emotional profile of each user of the software

  • Meanwhile, each person also has access to an online resource portal 

  • With anonymized and aggregated data, we can detect where there are psychological or relational difficulties within the teams

  • We then deploy Arborescence’s intervention with managers and/or HR teams to equip them to better deal with the psychological or relational difficulties of their employees.


The Emosiens software aims to be ethical by protecting users' personal information. Without this guarantee, which is one of the fundamental principles at Arborescence, we would never have agreed to take part in the project. 

But concretely, what is this project?

We are constantly concerned with improving ourselves and offering organizations not only quality but also varied services. This allows us to respond to a wider variety of needs that exist in the workplace. This is how we partnered with EmoscienS, a Montreal technology startup, and the University of Montreal to carry out an AI research project in the field of health and well-being at work. We initiated this research project, and five organizations agreed to participate. We are in the preliminary stages of the project in collaboration with the following organizations:

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