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“The purpose of the members's committee is to allow you to share your experiences, to support each other, to increase your membership in our community and to have the challenges and contributions of members who have a loved one living with a health problem recognized. 

Membership Committee

Arborescence's Membership Committee was created in 2019. Its goal is to foster a dynamic and inclusive community by encouraging its members’ involvement in a variety of activities.


The mandate of the, Valorisation Implication Partage – Partenariat (VIP-P) committee is to help Arborescence members support, strengthen and participate in the Arborescence community.

  • share their experiences

  • support one another

  • amplify their sense of belonging in the Arborescence community

  • recognize the challenges and contributions of friends and family of people living with mental health problems



The Committee

The Membership Committee is composed of three volunteer Arborescence members in good standing, one of whom sits on the board of directors. One or more additional members with an interest in mental health issues may also join the committee to fulfil specific mandates that address particular topics. The Membership Committee is accountable to the board of directors, to which it submits regular reports.

The Membership Committee’s goal is to provide you with opportunities to share your experiences, support one another, boost your sense of belonging within our community and recognize the challenges and contributions of members with loved ones living with mental health problems.

– Membership Committee


The members's; committee can carry out several types of activities related to the Arborescence ecosystem, such as:

  1. Consult members to identify their interests and needs;

  2. Plan activities related to member participation;

  3. Propose conferences, workshops, sharing meetings, discussion panels;

  4. Participate in the development of a bank of testimonials from members of the entourage;

  5. Participate in the development of the strategic plan;

  6. Promote actions with public representations relevant to the well-being of the members of the entourage.

To find out more, or to get involved in the members's committee, contact us by writing

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