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Services for relatives of young people under 25

Services offered to caregivers of young people under 25 living with a mental health issue. (Psychosocial intervention, theme evenings)




The family and friends of a young person under 25 who is a member of Arborescence benefit from personalized support from a psychosocial counsellor. The aim of the follow-up is to gain perspective on the situation, to better assess it and to change one's outlook on oneself and the future.


The follow-up also enables the families and friends of a young person under 25 with a mental health problem to become aware of their own needs, their loved one's strengths and the possibilities for a better outlook on daily life and the future.


For members only


Arborescence organizes theme evenings for family and friends of young people under 25 who are dealing with mental health issues. The themes vary from month to month (for example, anxiety). The aim of these meetings is not only to encourage exchanges and mutual support between participants, but also to provide a space for questioning and reflection on the tools/means that can be put in place to deal with these specific issues.

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