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Get informed

Getting informed is a very good starting point before taking steps in connection with a loved one living with a mental health problem. To better act, react and follow a coherent process in the support process, it is necessary to be properly informed.

You are invited to consult:

  1. Our disease sheetsto learn more about various mental health disorders;

  2. Our practical sheets  addressing various themes;

  3. Nos publications to access the various issues of our specialist journal.

Where to find resources?

For an exhaustive list of community mental health organizations for you or your loved one, consult the list of organizations in the Alternative and Community Network of Mental Health Organizations (RACOR) in Montreal.

You can also download the CRISE application designed for Quebec adults in distress and their loved ones. It gives quick access to a list of resources available 24/7 depending on your location. This application is available for free for Android and for iPhone.

Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about the different services offered at Arborescence.

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